Friday, November 7, 2014

And life goes on!

Worth the read, especially for you courageous young mother's out there!!

Here is my reply:

I sit here with tears in my eyes, reading about this young mother's outing to Chick Fil A for lunch. I remember those days oh so well. I made it a point to "make memories" when my children were young, because I knew some day, that's all I would have left. I remember so many hours, days, years of self sacrifice and wondering, "When will it be my time?" I use to be envious of my husband "getting to run off to work at a job he dearly loved" because he didn't have to stay home with the babies all day. I remember staying up till all hours of the night, just to make sure they had clean clothing, matching socks, their favorite breakfast food. And sometimes I found myself resenting the constant tugging at my time, my attention, me. I felt I had to do it all. Someone coined the term "Supermom", but that didn't apply to me. Because all the work and sacrifice in raising my children wasn't because someone else thought I should do it. It was because, being a stay at home mother was my job at that point in time, and I was gonna do it better than anyone ever had before!!
Now, 34 years later, two children with happy marriages, five grandchildren and I still sometimes wonder how I did it all. I no longer ask, when it will be "my time", for a bout with breast cancer three years ago taught me that NOW IS MY TIME. 34 years ago was MY TIME. I had the honor of staying home and raising my babies, safely, lovingly, with our family values. My husband had the luxury of knowing his children were well cared for, and so loved.
I have had the chance to meet the young man and woman I asked God for; my children's spouses. I have seen them love and care for my children. I have watched the miracle as their four beautiful babies were brought into this world - they call me Nana. And again, I find myself juggling drinks at Chick Fil A, wiping little hands and faces. I am so blessed to be part of my children and grandchildren's lives. They love me and appreciate me in so many ways. And now I see, it's my time. Time to make precious memories and share the love and laughter with you!